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FYI about dogs, dog parks, and other stuff


Some articles of interest covering a variety of topics from how dogs play to how to teach your dog to live in our world.


Dog health

How to tell if your pet is sick--HTML (, PDF

Dog park sites

Bark Magazine--From the Bark About Us section, "The Bark is the voice of modern dog culture.... The Bark brings readers a literate and entertaining approach to canine culture through essays, stories, poetry, reviews, interviews, and artwork."

Dog Infomat--a comprehensive site of information about dogs. Includes links to dog park groups and listings of open dog parks by state.

The Dogpark--From The Dogpark home page, "The Internet's best comprehensive, interactive guide to dog parks across the country. As well as an up-to-date list of dog parks, we are constantly updating a city by city directory of dog related services, such as dog grooming and dog training, which cater to dogs and their owners."

Minneapolis ROMP (Responsible Owners of Mannerly Pets)--very nice site providing information about off-leash recreation in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Includes listings of interest to out-of-town visitors

Animal Planet Dogparks USA--US map of dog parks, and useful information from the main page

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